Nimbus ShApp – Shareholder Application

The corporation in dialogue with its shareholders

Nimbus ShApp enables a timely, simple and efficient communication between the company and its shareholders via the internet.

ShApp is a multi-issuer-platform. Via your personal profile you, in the role as shareholder, have access to all of the companies you are registered with.

You can use ShApp at all times. The system is at your services seven days a week around the clock.

By using ShApp you decrease paper wastage and thus improve your "Carbon Footprint".

Dear Shareholders,

Welcome to Hapimag’s eVoting portal. Your vote is important to us!
Here in the portal you can
  • vote directly (via independent proxy);
  • register to attend the Annual General Meeting in Interlaken in person;
  • issue a voting proxy to a third party.
You can find your access data on your Voting rights form. You can also register online if you have a Hapimag online account. You can cast your vote via the eVoting portal between 15 March and 25 April 2024.

Thank you for your vote!
Your Hapimag

Register with your access data according to the Voting rights form


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